All Saints' Lutheran Church began serving the suburban community of Piscataway, New Jersey during the 1960s. Pastor Gordon Folke accepted a call to serve as a mission developer in February 1963. After an area survey in June 1963, the first worship service was held at Knollwood School later that year on September 8. A charter was opened and signed by 88 adults and 67 children on November 3, 1963. On March 1, 1964 All Saints' Evangelical Church was organized with 118 adults and 84 children.

In February 1965, the parsonage at 2809 Custer Street was purchased. Property for a church building was purchased on Deborah Drive in August 1965. December 17, 1965 was Groundbreaking Day. Rev. C. Alton Roberts accepted a call to All Saints' Lutheran on February 1, 1969 and on April 20, 1969 the church was officially dedicated.

The following pastors have also served All Saints' Lutheran Church:
Rev. Jannine Baumann (March, 1980 - July, 1983)
Rev. Franklin E. Wester (August, 1984 - July, 1989)
Rev. Edward E. Kropa (September, 1989 - February, 1999).

In December, 1999, Pastor Linda Larson accepted a call to All Saints' Lutheran Church and began her pastorate here on February 1, 2000.

At the time of organization, Piscataway was largely undeveloped and sparsely populated. Piscataway Township lies to the west of New Brunswick and Highland Park, in Middlesex County with the Raritan River as its southern boundary. During the 60s, Piscataway saw itself on the brink of massive growth with a new interstate highway (I-287) being built through central New Jersey almost on the doorstep of the new church.

The founding congregation created what it believed to be a neighborhood church in a new and growing residential community. Since then, All Saints' Lutheran has become a regional church with nearly half of its membership coming from neighboring towns and communities. All Saints' Lutheran is a community of faith seeking to engage all persons with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are a congregation gathered around Word and Sacraments celebrating the good news of God's love and forgiveness. From that worship heart flow ministries of learning (nurturing Christian faith and life in persons of all ages), witness (proclaiming Christ and engaging others within and beyond the congregation in Christian community), service (assisting those in need), and support (sharing our time, abilities, and wealth to provide for God's mission among us). We are committed to the Word of God as the norm for faith and life, nurturing discipleship and inviting others to share God's mission through All Saints'.

In the Spring of 1997, the earlier mortgage debt was paid off. The mortgage burning was celebrated on June 1, 1997.  In 2004, All Saints' Lutheran Church expanded by putting on an education wing and added windows and air conditioning to the church. In 2014, the congregation celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  The second mortgage burning was celebrated on July 26, 2015.

For more information please contact the church office (732) 463-1510 or allsaintslc@optimum.net